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Emerging Technologies: From complexity to continuity

2019-2020 Survey Report

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Businesses struggle to realise benefits of emerging technologies


of businesses use Internet of Things (IoT) technology
but only


realise some business advantages

The adoption of emerging technologies to drive business innovation is a major thrust for enterprises, with perceived business benefits being the main driver according to half (50%) of respondents. Yet despite wide-scale testing and usage of advanced technologies, many organisations are failing to realise the benefits in some areas of business according to our survey.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


of organisations are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some way, which has doubled from just


last year

AI and ML are two emerging technologies that are making significant inroads into the enterprise. The survey found that 60% of the respondents believe AI is going to be one of the technologies to have a significant impact on businesses in the next two years followed by ML (56%).

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